Below are a list of resources you’ll find helpful for sourcing letterpress and screenprinting supplies. Click below to jump to specific content.

Letterpress supplies
Screenprinting supplies
Other print shops
Additional online resources


Letterpress Supplies

Polymer plates
Boxcar Press: send your files here to get your plates made. They have an excellent FAQ page as well, and are super helpful on the phone. You want KF95 plates to work with the bases in our shop.

Lettra, by Crane Paper: a nice, soft, pillowy paper. Comes in 3 different whites (flourescent, pearl, ecru) and several weights. We like 110# (or 300gsm) for most jobs. Buy the smallest pre-cut sheet for your design, but remember you will need an extra inch on one edge for the grippers (no printing there). has the best prices.

Holyoke Paper: also a nice, soft paper good for impression. A little more luxe than Lettra, but softer and the corners can get dinged easily, especially on business cards.

Mohawk just introduced a lovely line of cotton papers, Strathmore Pure Cotton, which come in white, tan, and gray.

French Paper Company has a wide range of colors and sells in small quantites (25 sheet packs). A harder paper, it will still get an impression but not as soft as Lettra. We also love this for screenprinting.

We have several paper sample books featuring the papers above in our shop, email us if you’d like to stop by and check them out!

We have many oil-based ink colors that are included in your studio rental. You’re welcome to bring your own if you want a specific color we don’t have, or if you want to use rubber-based inks.

Safety supplies
Nitrile gloves (best for oil-based solvents, must say Nitrile) –, Amazon, and usually CVS or RiteAid.

Screenprinting Supplies

The largest screen size that fits in our exposure unit is 40″ in its longest dimension.
Remember, screen sizes are the OUTER frame size.

Local suppliers: Artist & Craftsman, Utrecht / Blick’s, MICA Art Store
Online Suppliers: Victory Factory, Pocono Screen, Ryonet.

Speedball inks are available at all local art stores for fabric and acrylic (paper).
Jacquard inks are also available for paper and fabric.

Other ink vendors
TW Graphics
Union (for fabric)

You want a smooth paper surface for printing.
French Paper Company: wide range of colors and weights, available in small quantities (25 sheet packs). Posters and cards do well on 100# – 140# cover stock weight. Also comes in text weight.
Mohawk Superfine (readily available at the MICA Art Supply store, as well as other local shops)

A few Print Shops we admire:
Artist Image Resource
The Arm
Em Space
Signal Return
Keegan Meegan & Co.
Power & Light Press
Pyramid Atlantic
Second State Press
Tugboat Printshop
Strawberry Luna
Firecracker Press
Brad Vetter Design
Starshaped Press

Online Letterpress Resources
Letterpress Commons, an online wiki, founded and managed by the folks at Boxcar Press., the longest continuously running online resource for letterpress printers, with Classifieds, an online community, free imagery, and much more., home of the Vanderblog, and the foremost resource for Cylinder Proof Press info.
NA Graphics, owner of the Vandercook name, and source for press parts for most press models.
Moore Wood Type, makers of end-grain type-high maple ornaments and catch words.
Virgin Wood Type, maker of new fonts of wood type, usually revivals of classic wood type faces.