Below are listed all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for supplies and solvents provided within or recommended by BPS. All files are viewable in PDF format or downloadable by right- or control-clicking the link.


Items marked with an asterisk* are not in the shop at this time, but could be added to our supplies without notice.

Screenprinting MSDS

EasiSolv 5 Stencil Remover
EasiSolv 415 Stain Remover
Franmar D-Haze
Ulano TZ Emulsion
Nazdar 2732 Retarder Thinner
TW Graphics Thinner
TW Graphics Thickener
Speedball Acrylic Ink
Speedball Fabric Ink
Speedball Extender Base
Speedball Screen Filler
AlbaChem Flash Adhesive

Letterpress MSDS

KF95 Letterpress Plate (Boxcar)
Jet 94 Letterpress Plate * (Boxcar)
Ecolo-Clean Roller Wash*
Magnesium Carbonate (ink drier)
Linseed Oil (ink additive)
Extender Base (oil-based inks)
Van Son Quickson Pantone Series Color Inks
Van Son Quickson Pro Series Color Inks
Van Son Quickson Pro Series Black Ink
Van Son Quickson Plus Color Inks
Van Son Quickson Plus Black Ink

PLEASE NOTE: Not all inks listed above are present in BPS, nor are all inks in the shop listed above. If you are concerned about the safety hazards associated with this or any ink, you are encouraged to bring your own. Inks listed above are provided as a rough estimation for new inks in common colors.

General Shop

Lacquer Thinner
Denatured Alcohol
Simple Green
Gojo Orange Pumice Soap
WD-40 Lubricant
3-in-1 Oil