Ramping up Riso!

Floating Grid 4

We’ve been working hard to upgrade our Risograph offerings here at BPS. Currently our little EZ220 Riso has 8 colors available. Bright Red, Fluro Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Mint, Metallic Gold, and of course Black. This machine is intended to print in office settings, so it’s max size is a Legal sheet, 8.5×14, BUT it can print on larger paper. So with some crafty layout skills, you can make some beautiful art prints with it (see above).

If you’re not familiar with a risograph, it is a piece of office printing equipment which all of us artists, illustrators, and designers have decided is better suited to our own studios. It is a high-speed digital duplicator, and prints with real oil-based ink (like offset) through a stencil (like screenpriting), all within a package that looks and acts like a photocopier. We teach monthly workshops on it, and rent it for an hourly rate in our studio. They print very quickly, making them well suited to comics and affordable art prints.

THEN, if the stars align properly, we’ll be reviving our larger MZ790 Risograph. This machine prints 2 colors at once, and has a maximum image size of 11×17. Our MZ still has a few ghosts in it, but we’re hoping to tear it down and bring it back to life early this coming year. Once it’s running we’ll start stocking up on new colors for it.

Look forward to new art prints, continued workshops, and many more wonderful things Riso at BPS in the near future.