The Printer’s Devil coffee is here!

Printer's Devil coffee blend



We’ve teamed up with Thread Coffee and created our own custom coffee blend, The Printer’s Devil. It’s the darkest roast they make so far, with low acidity. The Printer’s Devil was the nickname for the young shop assistant employed in large print shops. A century ago, a good shop couldn’t function without a printer’s devil, and today, our shop doesn’t run well without a strong cup of it!

There’s many amusing tales of where the Printer’s Devil nickname came from; black ink staining the skin of apprentice printers, making it literally a black art, and thus apprentices were called devils; or the theory that the hellbox, a box of unsorted and mismatched type, was emptied by the assistant who then got the name devil; or that the identical look of the bible printed with moveable type was seen as black magic and witchcraft, casting printers in league with Satan; or the idea that a mischievous devil haunts print shops and has his fun un-sorting type, misspelling words, and letting the printer’s assistant take all the blame. A dark roast for the dark arts, indeed! Devil or not, we drink it strong and black, and all day long.

You can buy it here, and while supplies last, we’re including a free print! The label was designed with wood and metal type, proofed on a Vandercook SP20, and then scanned for the label. We thought it was a shame not to print more of the larger version while on press, so we have a limited run of prints to give away while they last. Enjoy!