Vandercook Maintenance Workshop

Don’t you just love taking things apart? It’s even better when you understand how to put it all back together?!

This Sunday, February 2nd, Paul Moxon, itinerant printer and Vandercook aficionado, will be in our studio teaching his Vandercook Maintenance workshop.


Whether you use own your own press, use a community studio press, or are thinking of buying a Vandercook to call your very own, this workshop will provide excellent direction for your future presswork. In this one-day workshop, you’ll learn all the points of maintenance, cleaning, and lubrication for a Vandercook Proof Press, so as to be prepared for potential problems and make or direct repairs. We will also discuss any Vandercook models of interest and other brands as warranted. The workshop will be taught on our four presses, a Vandercook #4, two SP20s, and an SP25. Many Vandercook models share similar features, so even if your press isn’t in the list above, the workshop will be beneficial.

Participants are encouraged to bring questions, photos and/or broken parts. Paul will also share examples from his collection of Vandercook literature. Participants will also be getting their hands dirty on our presses, so dressing as sharply as the gentlemen above is not recommended.