Wow – four years have come-and-gone, and it’s election season again! This is a big one, and we’re pretty passionate about it. We have our opinions on who should win, you have opinions too. That’s what makes America great, and that’s why we’re proud to live here. Being able to live and vote in a free democratic society RULES, and we want to encourage everyone to exercise their right.

Our PLEASE VOTE and PLEASE F*CKING VOTE shirts and totes are fresh off the presses and ready to ship. This first round of shirts come in Men’s & Women’s medium and large, printed white on heather-black. The VOTE TOTES are printed in black ink on natural canvas. Suitable for holding groceries, library books, homework, fresh veggies from the farmer’s market or small, non-partisan pets.

Wear or carry yours every day until the election, and then every day after, making your statement in black-and-white. We’re certain you’ll love them both.

Shipping only to the US-of-A until the election.

Available in the store.