Baltimore Beer Week

The overlap of printers and drinkers is a long standing tradition. And while we will never condone drinking while operating heavy machinery, we DO recommend the mixing of beer and printing in poster form…

Baltimore Beer Week gave us total freedom on a limited edition poster for this year’s festivities. The overarching theme was the American Brewery building, a stunning building built in Baltimore in 1887.

The building ceased its beer production in the 1970s, and the building now houses a non-profit. But we preferred to imagine it as it used to be. We designed our poster showcasing the production of beer, from grain being poured in, to beer being pumped out.

We designed the poster to be a cutaway of the building, showcasing the actual equipment that is used to brew beer. The poster is a 2-color print, and all black-portions are layered blue over red.

Here are some of our favorite details:

We’re super proud of the illustration. The Beerweek folks are selling their majority of the edition at a private event, but we kept a short stack for ourselves. If you want one for your wall, they’re available in our store!

They’re 18×24″, hand-printed on French Smart White 110lb cover in 2-colors. Get them while they last!