New Workshops coming soon

New Workshops are finally on their way!

Our walls are completed, our heat is ON, and we are ready for more workshops!

We are thrilled to announce SIX new full-length workshops AND a new holiday-card workshop (just in time for Valentine’s Day).

Our workshops in screenprinting or letterpress are very hands-on, small classes, designed to teach all the basics. If you have been wanting to rent studio time but can’t remember (or never learned in the first place), then these are for you.

The full-length workshops are $125, are (almost all) offered on Sundays, and last approximately 6 hours.

Classes are expected to fill quickly, so if you have not already signed up for our e-mail list or started following us on twitter, now is the time. Class registration will be announced approximately a week before each class.

Workshops and dates are listed on the Workshops and Classes page.

We hope you’re as excited as we are.