Holiday Card Mini-DIY-Magnetic-Poetry-Workshop, 2010

We are thrilled to announce a series of super-mini-workshops for Saturday, December 18th. We’re calling it our Holiday Card Mini-DIY-Magnetic-Poetry-Workshop, 2010, (or something silly like that). Details are forthcoming on our Workshop page as soon as we get it running, but in short you’ll be picking from our collection of pre-determined common (and not so common) holiday-card-phrase-pieces to make your own.  For example, your card could read: “Have A :: Warm :: Holiday Season” or it could read: “Cheers to a :: Kick-ass :: Festivus.” We’ll provide the pieces, you decide what to say.

Each 2-hour workshop will host 10 participants, and everyone will walk away with 30 cards of their own design.

So, if you’re not already on our mailing list, or following us on twitter, please sign up. We’ll make the announcement asap.

As for our regularly scheduled full-length studio workshops; we had full intentions to be running them by now BUT we have had a few heating issues develop recently. In short, the studio is FREEZING COLD. Genuinely in the low 40s, maybe colder. The powers that be have promised us that heat is coming soon, and shortly after the holidays we should be back up and running.

But we just said workshop, and freezing studio, right? Yes! It’s quite chilly. We think 2 hours is manageable. 6 hours is definitely not. So dig out your thermals and dress in layers, and we’ll find all the space heaters we can. Hopefully this will tide us over as we work through this seasonal speedbump and we promise we’ll be back on track as soon as we are able.