Tune in!

This feels like the week of a lot of press, no pun intended.

While we’re plugging away on the behind the scenes things, you know website and business nonsense, we’ve been getting a lot of publicity.

Mid-October brought a lovely write-up from Urbanite.

This week we are the feature article at Bmore Media, which is awesome.

And tomorrow we’ll be featured on Baltimore’s Public Radio station, WYPR, on their arts program The Signal, interviewed in our studio by Lisa Morgan.

It airs at both noon and 7 PM, and you can listen to it anywhere in the world. AND if you miss it live, it can be downloaded or subscribed to on iTunes.


  1. Hey, it was great to see the studio last light and thanks for the souvenir print, I love it!
    You’re very kind to total strangers lurking outside on bikes 😉
    I’m excited to see more good stuff from you in the future.