Support your fellow Printmaker!

Hey Baltimore!

Our friend Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press in Portland, OR needs your help! She wants to buy an old bread truck and convert it to a FLIPPIN’ PRINT SHOP!

Wait – it gets better! She wants to drive said print shop around the country and proclaim the greatness of printmaking everywhere she goes.

Long story short, if this can get us to finally join Kickstarter, there’s no reason you shouldn’t too. And, we can’t actually promise anything, but if this all works out as hoped there’s no reason to think she won’t grace the curb of Baltimore Print Studios.

Go, pledge! Every dollar helps, but the more you give the more you get!

Tell your friends!


  1. Wow! When will she visit? She should add bells, ice cream truck style.

    This reminded me of another press on wheels. A few years ago New Mexico’s state history museum had a fantastic exhibit on hand-operated newspaper, art, and literary presses (unfortunately no longer on the web, but see, and there was a traveling exhibit w/ press equipment on a van that went around the state.