Opening a SUCCESS! Thank you all!

Holy cats! Last night was amazing!

We really have no idea how many people came through last night, but I can tell you that the space was full from 3:15 to 6:45, like at-capacity full. WOW! Thanks for coming out!

The big question of the night was “When are you really open?” and the answer is NOVEMBER. We’ve got a few (dozen) little things left to figure out still, but your encouragement was just what we needed last night.

And did you see the cake?

Check out the photos:

And, the cake:

Special thanks to everyone who lent a hand yesterday (in no particular order): Phil Kerrigan, Rachel Bone, Sarah Templin, Julia Petrino, & Carolyn Williams.

Thanks also to the above flickr users whose photos we pulled: jamieshelman, stevenloveskatie, rachelbone, and kibrly. All above photos are linked to the originals, and there are lots more here. If you have more photos from last night, please upload them to flickr with the tag “bps_opening”. We’re hoping you took more than we did.

Thanks all!


  1. This is great! I miss my (short-lived) days of lithographic printmaking, and have often thought it a little sad that I don’t have access to a press. Is this the sort of space that may provide a spot for artists to work?

  2. a raging success!! i’ll try to polish off this roll of film and get you some photos soon!

  3. Baltimore Print Studios says:

    Hi Jaclyn – YES! We’ll have rentable hours starting in November. If you’re not familiar with the equipment or techniques, we’ll have you take a workshop first though…

    We’ll have more details on the website soon!


  4. YAY! Looks like it was a smashing success! Wish I could have been there!