Baltimore, now with EVEN MORE print!

Kudos to our good friends at Litho Shop on their open house this past weekend!

Litho Shop, under the confident hand of Brian Garner, is a new fine-art production shop in Baltimore.

Garner, a Tamarind Professional Printer with decades of printing under his belt, offers up his shop to visiting artists producing editions, monotypes, and monoprints on either his Conrad etching press or his formidable manual offset litho press.

This past weekend he welcomed Bill Fick to the Shop to crank out some killer linoleum prints and generally have a good time. We bought ourselves a Chupacabra (same image, different print) and a rainbow skull (visible in the Printeresting link below).

Since we didn’t take any photos there, here’s one we pinched from our friends at Printeresting, with many many more available here.

Congratulations Brian, on a very successful opening! We hope to collaborate with you in the very near future!