Posters for sale!

EDIT: They’re back in stock again. *Check out our store.*

They’re BACK IN STOCK! Yaay! Click Here!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – HOLY CATS! – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – WE ARE SOLD OUT! – – – – – – – – – –
By the power of Swiss Miss and Twitter combined, we’ve sold out.
If  you missed out on this run, e-mail us! We’re already printing more
(hint – new colors!!!), and we’ll tell you when they’re available!

Here at Baltimore Print Studios, we are working on our strategic plan.

What better strategic plan than THIS Strategic Plan:

Measuring 11×15, these are on heavy-weight chipboard. Screenprint and letterpress printed with metallic silver-grey ink.

Please support us by purchasing our poster. They’re $20 including shipping (That’s $15 + $5). Old price.

If you’re buying more than one, please e-mail us first (no need to pay shipping twice.) All taken care of by the new web store.

Printed in an edition of 50, and they’ll be signed by yours truly, Kyle Van Horn. New editions are not signed.

Thanks in advance –


  1. LOVE THIS. b-more holds a soft spot in my heart since that’s where i started my letterpress business 7 years ago. i so wish i could be there to be a part of this in some way, but i’ll gladly do my part by picking up one of these killer prints. nice work kyle!

  2. Hi, this is awesome. I live in Canada (right across the border from Bufallo NY). How much do you ship it for?

    Cheers, Hans

  3. AWESOME. Get on making some new ones, cause I want one! Nice work, Kyle.

  4. I enjoy that message. Although “doing things” includes doing a strategic plan.

  5. Oh my. Pantoney goodness. Me want.

  6. Hi! I wanted to know if it was possible to, if I credit you, use this slogan and word-placement design on a tee for my high school graphic communications class?
    I really quite adore the phrase, and think that the type and type placement you’ve implemented are perfect. Please let me know if it’s okay!


  7. Baltimore Print Studios says:

    You all RULE – thanks everyone for your support. I think I’ve replied to every e-mail.

    Karina – I’m writing you directly.

    Thanks again, this support is amazing. YOU are amazing, Thanks thanks thanks!


  8. You do know what you’re doing, so keep at it.
    Thank you!


  9. I love this poster, I had it as my background for most of my final yr as a design student. really hope u get some more printed so i can get the real thing. was very inspirational. thanks


  10. Loved the poster.


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