Reader Survey

Greetings all – Happy New Year, new decade. Happy new everything!

I’m sure you think we’ve forgotten about you, or given up on this whole crazy idea, but NO – we’ve just been a little busy.

The studio space hunt is still underway. We’ve looked at a few but nothing is quite right yet. However, it occurred to us that we don’t really know you yet. We know you’re visiting the site, we know you’ve signed up for the mailing list, but who are you? What do you want from us?

To that end, we’ve created a survey for you – and we tried to include everything, even the stuff we don’t think you’re interested in (because we’ve been wrong about a lot of things before), and right now anything is possible so why not aim really really high!

In all reality, we just want to know a little more about you. After the jump is a handful of questions for you. Please take a minute and answer them for us. You have no idea how helpful it will be.

Also, if you’re not on the mailing list yet, please sign up! (I’d hotlink it, but it’s right there, on the right, just sign up there!)

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  1. maybe some discounted fee for those willing/able to offer services- clean up/monitoring/helping those who are not independent?

  2. second that suggestion, discount for service. also maybe discounts for recent graduates? how about hiring student non-paid interns to cut down shop costs ? – doing that would also reduce membership fees…

  3. Workshops, talks, seminars, crits, maybe?

    It also would be great to have access to big stuff like a paper cutter that I don’t need every day and can’t fit in a Hampden basement anyway.

    You could do different rates, say, monthly with lots of access, and a comparatively higher hourly rate for occasional access. A yearly member fee? Member rates could be lower case by case after joining?

  4. Jessie Brodsky says:

    Hi! This is so exciting to be a part of! I would love to be able to go to a studio space that had all the print facilities with some extra space and easels for doing other work (paint, draw, collage). I live in Joppa, MD and am a 20 min drive from the city so anywhere near an exit to 95 would be preferable 🙂

  5. I’m interested in traveling from North Carlina to use the presses to complete projects. I am willing to pay for my time or by the project. i just desperately need access to a press. Letterpress prefered!

  6. Great idea! I’ve wondered where Baltimore’s print studio is… I’ve seen other print facilities in other cities have reasonable membership fees, hold classes and then offer affordable community hours for people that may just want to pay by the hour after a orientation. It takes a lot of community support for longevity.

  7. I’d like to find a studio space where I could teach workshops/small classes (perhaps pay a rental fee for use of the space?).

  8. Of course location is important-but I’m flexible. If I need to print now- I need to get in a car- so it’s just something I’ve come to expect. Ample parking would be nice so you’re not hauling screens all about.

  9. Scott Archer says:

    I’ve worked in commercial screen printing for around 3 years now and would love to be a part of this.. I’d be wonderful to have proper fine art printmaking facilities I haven’t seen in far to long. Also I own a 4 color press, a flash unit, tons of screens and plenty of other supplies I’d be willing to work something out with.

  10. Hi Kyle, Thanks for the fun class yesterday.

    I think for pricing structure, something that offers flexibility would be good. Providing different options for people would help meet the many needs for people that want to print all the time to the people that just want to come in from time to time for small projects. I’d be interested in helping with set up and preparation if you are looking for help.

  11. I’m most interested in buying Baltimore-made prints, not actually making them myself, so I’d like to advocate for merchandise, like limited edition prints and silkscreen t-shirts. Maybe discounts for ones that are not perfectly printed but still unique and chic?