Still Seeking Space

The more we talk to friends, locals, friends of friends, and other shops around the northeast, the more we realize we need a studio space. The support is there and people are excited. The other major impetus towards a shop is us turning down equipment based on lack of storage, and that sucks. We know of at least one landlord and a few friends that have been eyeballing growing collections of equipment and stuff over the past year+. Let’s not even talk about what percentage of our personal living space is currently occupied by studio equipment.

Of course, if Scrooge McDuck was our uncle this would be a lot less daunting. A lot of spaces are available in the city right now, but all are out of our price range. This is a problem. We know anywhere we will be moving into will require no less than 3 months setup, painting, new walls, electrical, plumbing, and easily a couple thousand in expenses we don’t know we don’t know.


In short, the more people that know about this, the better. We KNOW the right space is out there. We really like the North Avenue, Station North Arts area, but we’ll consider anything reasonable. We’re looking for a couple thousand square feet, something with 1st floor access or a wicked awesome freight elevator. E-mail us here if you have any good ideas for us. Thanks!