Hello from BPS

Baltimore Print Studios hopes to be Baltimore’s first Public Print Studio.

This site will document the process of building a studio: Acquiring equipment, finding a space, renovating, building, organizing, cleaning, funding, etc. This is a big project and we’re very passionate about it.

First and foremost, we are looking for a space in the city.

Space Requirements:
-Approximately 2000 sq. ft.
-Ground Floor access with no steps up or down. A garage door would be ideal.
-2nd or 3rd fl. living space.

Empty, industrial space is OK ideal.
Zoned commercial/residential is desired.

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We’re also always looking for equipment. (Yes, of course, I realize the irony of collecting equipment while still hunting for a space. Believe me, it’s getting a little full on this end. But, when the time comes, we’ll be ready.)

Desired Equipment:

-Any and all letterpress equipment.
Vandercooks and Pilot Presses are most desirable.
-Silkscreen equipment, especially a large exposure unit. (Sign shops, I’m looking at you…)
-Flat files.
-Industrial tables.
-Large drying racks. (Sign shops, again, I’m looking at you.) 

Yes, its is an uphill battle.

Let’s do this together.

Check back. We’re not going anywhere.